Employee Benefit Consulting

Our Employee Benefit and Strategic Consulting Services include but are not limited to: 

  • To review and make recommendations regarding a client’s retirement saving vehicle to ensure that the client’s objectives are achieved;
  • To advise a client of changes in legislation which may have an effect on a client’s retirement saving vehicle;
  • To provide advice on the implications of mergers and acquisitions and the processes to be followed in such cases; to help coordinate bulk transfers in terms of Section 14 of the Pension Funds Act and Section 197 of the Labour Relations Act;
  • To review and make recommendations regarding the Rules of a client’s retirement saving;
  • To try to negotiate with the statutory authorities in the Republic of South Africa for the approval of the Fund in terms of the Income Tax Act and the registration of the Fund in terms of the Act and
  • To assist a client in understanding any High Court, Magistrate’s or Pension Funds Adjudicator’s determination;
  • To provide secretarial services to a client in the form of meeting agendas and minutes;
  • To advise a client on the implications of the results of actuarial reviews and valuations and to provide recommendations on the funding of liabilities, including any shortfall created by the under recovery of reassurance on death benefits;
  • To advise a client on the content and implications of the results of the annual financial statements;
  • To assist a client with managing the performance of the Fund’s service providers;
  • To advise a client on governance and risk matters;
  • To drive items to their conclusion.
Risk Consulting

Our Risk Consulting Services include but are not limited to: 

  • To liaise with the insurer/s that underwrites a client’s insurances and proactively deal with issues surrounding the associated insurance policies, and to, where possible, negotiate terms and insurance premiums;
  • To monitor the terms and conditions offered by insurance companies in respect of insurance contracts issued to a client and if required, comment on the level of cover;
  • To correspond with members on benefits in excess of the Free Cover Limit and to monitor the submission of medical evidence of insurability and underwriting decisions regarding these members.
Investment Consulting

Our Investment Consulting Services include but are not limited to: 

  • To provide a client with advice on appropriate investment objectives, taking into account the structure of a client’s retirement saving vehicle and their membership profile;
  • To advise a client on portfolio choices that meet the agreed objectives;
  • To assist a client in choosing and implementing the appropriate portfolios in which to invest the client’s retirement saving vehicle assets in accordance with the objectives and agreed benchmarks;
  • To liaise with insurance companies or asset managers regarding the investment of the assets a client’s retirement saving vehicle;
  • To provide reporting on a client’s investment portfolios, which includes the investment returns relative to an appropriate and agreed benchmark;
  • Monitor the client’s investment mandate and performance against the mandate.

Seshego Benefit Consulting and Seshego Consulting


Seshego Benefit Consulting and Seshego Consulting specialises in providing benefit and investment advice to companies or their retirement fund trustees.

Established in 2005, a team of specialist corporate benefits consultants with extensive industry experience and standing, provide a comprehensive understanding of pertinent issues to allow for informed decision-making. One of the company’s founding principles is the recognized need for independent assistance and advice.

We have a well-tested approach to delivering our service, training consultants and managing operational matters for of our clients; including performance of service providers.

Our service covers a wide range of activities including investment, benefit structure, regulatory and compliance, as well as risk consulting inputs, but the key aspect is that our approach recognises each client’s issues and requirements so that solutions are appropriate and that the employee benefits arrangements provide contribute to the company’s benefits and remuneration strategies, whilst complying with relevant legislation. To do this our independence from product providers and our “consulting” approach is critical.



Seshego’s delivery of professional strategic consulting services companies and their personnel is built on the philosophy of providing unbiased advice. This consulting approach allows Seshego consultants to objectively advise (i.e. critically assess the situation and best options), including the service delivery levels of other service providers.



Being a focussed consulting business, Seshego prides itself on the level of expertise and experience employed within the company. The company began operating in April 2005, and Seshego’s consulting team is considered one the most experienced in South Africa with a verifiable track record of competence. Our clients include leading employers both locally and internationally, and we believe this reflects the faith these clients place in our integrity and competence. Seshego is the only firm to have been assessed by Global Pensions UK as the “best consultants in South Africa” for 3 consecutive years.

Our clients are based in Johannesburg, Tshwane/Pretoria, KwaZulu Natal and the Cape.

Company structure


Citadel Holdings acquired a 49% stake in Seshego Benefit Consulting effective from 1 April 2020. The businesses had been working under a cooperation agreement since 2017.

Founded in 1993, Citadel is an industry-leading wealth management firm with offices that span South Africa, as well as having a base in Guernsey, the United Kingdom. Citadel boasts a wide range of local and offshore service offerings, including financial advice, retirement planning, fiduciary, risk planning, foreign exchange and treasury solutions, philanthropy, asset and investment management and corporate solutions. Citadel is a subsidiary of Peregrine Holdings.