Seshego Benefit Consulting - POPIA training questionnaire: Session 1


You will be required to complete the FIVE multiple choice question assessment.

There is no time limit.

Your final score and the answers will be shown after the completion of the test.

Please ensure that all questions are answered before you submit the form.

1. Which of the following statements are correct?

2. Information relating to a person’s employment history is special information in terms of Section 26 of POPIA. True or false?

3. If a Fund fails to appoint an Information Officer, the Principal Officer as the head of the organisation will become the Information Officer by default.

4. The administrator of a retirement fund, as the operator, and not the responsible party will be held liable in terms of the provisions of POPIA if there is a data breach.

5. POPIA has 2 justifications for processing personal information.