Seshego Benefit Consulting - POPIA training questionnaire: Session 2


You will be required to complete the FIVE multiple choice question assessment.

There is no time limit.

Your final score and the answers will be shown after the completion of the test.

Please ensure that all questions are answered before you submit the form.

1. Mr B has a mortgage loan facility with X bank. He has not yet finished his mortgage repayments and sends an email to X Bank asking them to delete all data related to the mortgage in terms of clause 5 (c) pf POPIA which is the right of the Data Subject to request the deletion of personal information pertaining to him. X bank can refuse.

2. Which of the following statements is correct?

3. Information pertaining to criminal behaviour is special information and can only be processed if the Data Subject has given consent.

4. Section 37C of the Pension Funds Act requires trustees to process the personal information of beneficiaries when making a decision with regard to the distribution of death benefits. Which of the following justifications provided for under POPIA can the trustees rely on:

5. One of the responsibilities of the Information Officer is to conduct on-going training and awareness sessions so trustees are aware of the basic principles of POPIA and of any developments.